🐸 Chatty Joe 📢

🤗 Free, Easy-to-Use Public Announcement System Beta

Chatty Joe allows you to make public announcements with the included text-to-speech engine. Pre-record phrases and play those back when you need them.

🎺 Try This

Press the button to invoke the Chatty Joe text-to-speech.

No voice heard on iPhone or iPad? Make sure that your device's Ring/Silent switch is on Ring.

📻 Speaker

Connect to a wired or Bluetooth speaker of your choice, and announce away! Announce like the wind, announce like no one can stop you.

🎮 The Works

Voice is generated by your browser, whether you're using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If things don't work as expected, try a different browser.

You can use Chatty Joe on a PC, tablet, or a mobile phone. Anything that has a browser! Just add it to the bookmarks, and come back any time.

💗 Support

Let us know what you think at support@chattyjoe.com. Yours truly, The Humane Corporation.

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